Challenge for the day: Learn One New Visualization

I’ve gotten hooked on TED-talks. I don’t know if you’ve ever  seen these, but the basic idea is that really smart (and sometimes famous) people have less than 20 minutes to pitch a concept to other really smart people.

One of the TED-talks I just watched this weekend was from a statistician, and he did some absolutely fascinating things with data visualization. You can check that talk out here:

It inspired me (and now I’m passing this along as a challenge) to come up with one new way to visualize data today. Check out your data stores, pick a set (that you area allowed to see!) and drop it into Excel, Analysis Services or some other tool and make a new chart, graph, scatterplot, something. Just try one new one today, and have that in your back pocket to show others at some point. Check out that video if you need some ideas for starting.

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