Help for SQL Server

Sometimes issues pop up with your system. You need a way to find help, quickly. Here’s a few links that might be useful – feel free to post a reply to this post with other sources you might know, from web sources to your favorite consultant.

Note – this list is not exhaustive, and I’m happy to add or edit it if you post a reply. I know a lot of SQL Server professionals, and I don’t want to leave out anyone or commit them to something!

Web Help – Use these links to do a little research on your own

Main Troubleshooting Page:

The main Microsoft page for learning resources is here:

There are lots and lots of great community sites. Here are just a few: (mind your manners in here and you’ll get some help!)

Post a feature request or a bug here: 

Phone Help – Use these Links to get someone to talk with

The main launching page for Microsoft Support is here – they can do most anything over the phone:

On-site Help – Use these links to get someone at your facility

Microsoft consulting services can either help you with a deep problem or help you

Many of the “Most Valuable Professionals” (MVP) for SQL Server either work at support and consulting firms or know people who do. They are a great resource:

Microsoft Partners (Use SQL Server as a search term and use the filter tool for services and your location):

I use the web search of “SQL Server” and “Consulting” to locate other folks. You can add the name of your town (like “Seattle”) to narrow the range:

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  1. You forgot Twitter :-)

    Go #sqlhelp!

  2. Oh yeah, and our own MSDN Forums maybe?

  3. BuckWoody says:

    Yes – as I mentioned, lots of sources available. Just post what you like and I’ll add. I’m not going to dump my own link-list here, since mine is hundreds of links long! I’m thinking folks will be in a hurry when they get to this post, so I want to make sure they can quickly scan what they want. Also, many of the links I mentioned have links to other pages…

    Thanks again, wesback!

  4. Adam Machanic says:

    How could you forget your favorite site of all???


  5. Could you add a quick blurb or column for the price of each option?  I get terrified looks from people when I suggest they should call Microsoft support.  People need to look at the value of their time, versus the value of getting someone qualified to help, so they can make the best judgment call.  If your production server’s down, Microsoft help is worth every penny.

  6. BuckWoody says:

    Well, the prices vary based on where you are, your support contract, and lots of other variables. The best thing to do is contact your local Microsoft office and just ask for your "Account Manager". They know what you have, and how much things cost in your area for your company.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. Sebastian says:

    Hey guys. I am a Phd student and employee seeking talent from individuals in the Information Technology workfield.  I see you know some stuff about databases and sql server. Would anyone be willing assist me in an assessment regarding databases and data warehousing :)

  8. marleng says:

    I'm a very visual person and my greatest helpers have been  <a href="…/ReportingGurus videos like these!! </a>

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