How Does Microsoft Do IT?

Microsoft is a big company – and of course we have a lot of IT infrastructure that we have to manage. It might surprise you to learn that we have an IT group, just like at your company. We have a networking team, a server hardware team, software teams, DBA’s, the whole bit. In fact, we have more Mac computers than just about anyone (other than that company down south from here) and we write some of the best-selling Apple software. We have a Linux lab.

How do we do that? How do you manage 80,000+ seats, especially when most of your company are a bunch of tech-savvy geeks? It’s a tough job, but the neat thing is that we tell you how we’re doing it – everything – right here: If you want to focus in on just SQL Server, just check here:

(By the way - I *totally* should be doing our marketing – isn’t that title catchy? My catch-phrases and product names would be a lot better than what we normally come up with. I’m just sayin’.)

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