Using Perfmon with SQL Server – Part One

I held a workshop on performance tuning in Portland, Oregon yesterday, and as part of that I mentioned a process I follow for automatically collecting Performance Monitor Counters for a system. I use this data to store a baseline and then subsequently to have a reference set of data to compare with.

I use the logman feature in the operating system, and I had some references there in my script, and I promised I would post the comments block at the top of the script.

Tomorrow I’ll post how I use the CSV file this collects and import it into SQL Server for analysis:

/*    Perfmon Example.sql
Purpose:  Imports Perfmon Data into SQL Server
Author:   Buck Woody
Last Edited: 09/30/2009
Instructions: Proper Counters must be tracked. See table definition
                     for that structure.
You can also automate this:
Another way:
Counters to include:
More Interpretations:

Logman automation - Comes with Windows OS:
logman /?
logman create /?
logman start /?
logman stop /?

This one uses a file I have called “SQL Server Counters” – more on that later
logman start "SQL Server Counters"

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