Learning New Tech on SQL Server Virtualization – From Vendors

I’m at PASS this year, and one of the things I’ve learned this time is that I can learn from – the vendors!  Most of the “big” names are here, like Idera, Redgate, Quest, and more, but I ran into some folks yesterday I hadn’t spoken with before – XKoto.

I’m actually surprised I hadn’t run into them earlier. I talk with folks all the time about virtualizing, which should really be a conversation around consolidation, and the XKoto folks have an incredible product that handles scale-out in a new way. Check them out: http://www.xkoto.com/ 

Looks like even and old dog can learn some new tricks…

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  1. mbourgon says:

    Nice to see someone else impressed with Gridscale. The demo they show is really nice, and IIRC pricing seems decent.

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