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I got a response via e-mail to my post on using color connections – and I wanted to share it here:

I just read your tip for color coding your Mgmt Studio connection.  I wanted to point out a couple things.  If you connect to a server where you have not yet set up a connection color, the color will not change back to a neutral color.


Secondly, if you use registered servers you should also set up the color via the Right-Click à Properties à Connection Properties tab.


If you don’t do these two things I found that I eventually ended up with colors that were not consistent with the expected server types.  In fact it happened so much, even being as diligent as I could, that I finally gave up, because I simply could not take the chance, even once.


I eventually started using the SSMS Tools Pack, which allows you to designate a color per server, and it changes to that color every single time, no matter how you get there.  In addition, it will turn neutral for any server you do not have set up.  This is how Microsoft should have implemented this feature.


The tool has a huge number of other advantages as well (I am not affiliated in any way with SSMS Tools Pack).

Thanks, Jerry! As I’ve pointed out before, always test test test. I haven’t had the same experience that this reader has, but I appreciate him sharing his thoughts.

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  1. BuckWoody says:

    I’ve started to use SSMS tools pack for the same reason. And I also wanted to point out a microsoft connect bug I created for this exact issue: 361832

  2. Buck,

    I can concur that this is a problem in SSMS2008. This is a very dangerous bug and I would rather the feature simply didn’t exist rather than with this very bad implementation.

    Here’s another associated Connect submission:


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