Go To Find Combo

A friend of mine – Bill Ramos – showed me a little-used feature in Management Studio that I’ve been using ever since. It’s a combo box that works in the Query Window and it allows you to find text quickly in a script, but it also has a hidden benefit.

To put this box on your toolbar, right-click anywhere in the grey area of a toolbar. Select “Customize” and then find the “Edit” item on the left and left-click that once. Find the “Go To Find Combo” item on the right, and then click and drag that into any position you like on a toolbar of your choice.

Now you can quickly find text by typing part of it in that box. But you can also quickly bring up a command by using the > symbol. Once that box is displayed on your toolbar, try this string:


Once you press Enter, the “File Open” dialog will display. I’m finding myself working with more and more menu items like this.

Thanks, Bill!

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