DBA’s are from Mars; Developers are from Venus

They say that DBA's are those who put people into two categories: People who put others into two categories, and people who don't. Perhaps we're not quite THAT bad, but we do tend to see order in our world.

But we see it in a particular way. I was reading a blog recently from my friend Ed Wilson (Microsoft's "Scripting Guy") and he talked about a book he read on taxonomies. It seems that many developers are looking for that perfect hierarchical structure - and as a DBA, I don't believe in those. I think all data is really meta-data, and it seems to me that any element is the sum of its descriptors, and after that it is only relationships. Sure, you can make an element and a set of relationships into a hiearchy, but why limit the data that way? Why not just think of elements and relationships, and then make those relationships do whatever you like?

Break the chains of hiearchical lists, my developer friends. Break those chains! 

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  1. Brian Tkatch says:

    "DBA’s are from Mars; Developers are from Venus"

    On the MBTI, the Mars/Venus line doesn’t work. The main point of the book is that most men are Ts (not true) or act like Ts (true). Also, most women are Fs (true) or act like Fs (true).

    Developers/Designers are P/J on the MBTI. Besides being different letters, T/F are opposite functions, according to Jung, whereas P/J is a Briggs-Meyers invention to identify the external-facing function.

    "Sure, you can make an element and a set of relationships into a hiearchy, but why limit the data that way?"

    Hierarchy is J, relationships are P. This is a point of contention between INTPs and INTJs.

    The desire to have a hierarchy is that it enforces rules and requires thought. Rules bring comfort, because they can be relied upon, thought means effort was expended, so someone cares, so we can care too (relationships, everywhere, can suffer when only one side puts in effort).

    The desire to have relationships is freedom.

    In the end, the hierarchy people put in more thought up front and require less thought and effort later. The relationship people require more thought and effort later, but have it easy up front.

    This is very similar to the difference between particle physics and quantum mechanics. The former relies on rules, the latter relies on potential.

    All in all, your approach is not typical of DBAs, who are usually Js. Your approach is that of a P, and, in my mind, you are more suited to  a developer than a DBA (regardless of whether you can do DBA duties witch ease anf finesse).

  2. BuckWoody says:

    Brian – you’re a hoot. Thanks for reading!

  3. Brian Tkatch says:

    Buck, i hope you mean that in a good way. :)

    BTW, "that most men are Ts (not true)". Well, technically it is true. Crude tests show 60% of men are T. While 70% of women are F. That was the basis of my comment.

    Now to convert other over to the MBTI. To me, understand our differences is the first step in… well, in just about anything.

  4. BuckWoody says:

    It was defintitely meant in a good way. Thanks again!

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