Don’t PASS on PASS

I’m speaking at quite a few places in the next few months, from here in Seattle to Florida and Berlin, Germany. I did want to point out the PASS event, although I’m sure you’ve been alerted to it already. I’ll be speaking at PASS on everything from Performance Tuning to PowerShell and SQL Server.


It’s tough to get money for conferences, especially now. But you should try to go – meet with your peers, learn new skills, and find out how to make your systems faster and better. But that doesn’t always sway your boss, who is being clamped down on for the budget.


You can help. First, don’t treat a conference like a politician’s junket. It’s not a vacation; it’s a place to learn and meet others. Map out the briefings you want to attend and the questions you want to ask, and show that to your boss. Remind the boss about the things you learned and put into place from the last conference, and how much that saved the company. To do that, you actually have to learn something and put it into place for your company!


But perhaps they won’t budge. Try and get creative – there are various discounts for groups that you’re probably part of, and early birds always get a discount. You can offer to pay for part of the event if your employer will cover this or that, or you can hold a car wash. OK, maybe the car wash is a bit much, but you get my point. It’s part of your professional development, it helps your company, and you can network with some of the smartest SQL folks around, like my friend Kalen Delaney and of course SQL Batman.


The link is here:

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