Idera’s Job Manager – Trying it Out

I've downloaded Idera's free Job Manager this morning and I'm going to play with it a little on one of my test systems. Job Management is a difficult thing to visualize, so the Outlook-format this tool has looks interesting to me.

Has anyone implemented this tool already, and do you have any thoughts about it? Inputs are welcome...

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  1. tbollhofer2 says:

    I’ve been using it for a couple of months now; not bad for a freebie – Toad has something very similar to w/ a few more bells and whistles.

  2. BuckWoody says:

    I would like to see a day/week/month format like Outlook has, but as you say, for a freebie not so bad. It does seem to lag – I fired off a job, which said "succeeded" whcih had in fact failed – something I found out much later. I think I’ll keep working on a tool that will integrate job info into Outlook. I don’t need the control as much as the view, I suppose.

  3. theMark says:

    I’ve been trying it for a couple days now. Pegs the CPU on my workstation. Might be just me.

  4. fatherjack99 says:

    I have had this installed for ages – last 3 PCs have had it installed as one of the important tools when they have been built. I find it most useful for the way the display lets you see potential scheduling conflicts on a busy server.

    The drag+drop to change the job execution times is neat. I cant say its a daily-use application but its right up there as something I use and appreciate.


  5. mbourgon says:

    Funny to see everybody adding extra bits to compete with everyone else – this is a shot across the bow of SQL Sentry, and SQL Sentry now has a performance manager which competes with Idera/Quest, who have their variants of different tools (SQL Safe vs Litespeed)

  6. BuckWoody says:

    True that. Isn’t competition great!  I love capitalism…

  7. Magicfingers says:

    Hi, I have used this tool (and SQLcheck) for several years. It’s great tool. It is sometimes cpu intensive and it can only manage 20 instances

    It gives me overview of all servers. I can easliy see if SQL Agent or SQL Server is down, …

  8. Jim says:

    It locks up every computer I run it on.

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