What’s a Microsoft "Fast Track" for Data Warehousing?

Microsoft is a platform company, meaning that we don't often sell pre-packaged solutions, but rather tools for you to make them. In other words, we sell Microsoft Word, we don't type the letters for you.

But in some cases you might like to have a little more guidance than just "Here's a database product. Go nuts." You might want to know what OS goes with which edition, and you might even want to know what hardware configuration to buy.

To help you with that, we came out with this concept of a "Fast Track". It's basically a manifest of hardware and software to buy and a list of how to set it all up, that ends up with a solution you can use for Data Warehousing. I really like the idea, and I hope we extend it to the database platform, although I've not heard anything to that effect. At any rate, you can check it out here: http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2008/en/us/fasttrack.aspx

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  1. Jimmy May says:

    What a coinkydink.  Just yesterday I interrogated an internal MS DL for insights & references re: Fast Track in real-life.

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