The "Clicks" Paradigm

I've been doing a couple of BI discussions lately, and I used a term that I thought was more widely spread - the "clicks" paradigm. It has to do with the way data is pushed out to users - whether that is based on OLAP or OLTP data.

A "three click" setup is a tool that users are trained on to select data objects and do ad-hoc queries. There are normally only a few users at this level.

A "two click" setup is a standard reports (web or otherwise) that has static selections to show various slices of data. Most managers live here.

A "one click" setup is a static report that shows the results of a query - most company users live here.

And there's even a "zero click" setup, which is "data that finds you". It's a report or some other output mailed to you or sent to your mobile device.

So have you heard of these terms before?

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  1. Buck,

    Can I make a request? Please could you supply the entirety of each blog post in your feed? I’m afraid I’m rather lazy and don’t have the inclination to read blogs outside of my blog reader.


    Jamie Thomson

  2. thirkcircus says:

    Hi Buck,

    ditto to Jamie’s request.  Yours is the only blog I follow which doesn’t expose entire posts through rss.



  3. BuckWoody says:

    I would LOVE to do that. I have two settings for this blog: "Allow RSS Feeds" and "Allow ATOM Feeds". Both are checked. I have no way to control this behavior – if anyone has any pointers on this blogging site software (Community Server is the name of it) I’ll take them.

    – Buck

  4. Saggi Neumann says:

    Hey Buck,

    You might want to check with the CSS Team or SQL Server Express team. Their blogs are also on and their posts are shown in their entirety in the feed.

    I’ve never heard of the "Clicks" paradigm but it does make a lot of sense!

  5. BuckWoody says:

    Saggi – thanks for the tip!  I actually have already done that, and they said "we didn’t do anything special". I’ve even pinged the folks that own the software, but they don’t reply back.

    Thanks anyway –


  6. says:

    No, but I like the idea.  Not sure mgmt is going to like being called ‘1-clickers’, they might consider it akin to ‘paste eaters’.  :)


  7. Evangeld says:

    I've been in BI for many years in multi-vendor environments and have never run across the "Clicks paradigm" until today.

    I did a search and found your blog.  Thanks for the clear definition!

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