Creating Reports? I’m a DBA, Jim, not a moon-shuttle pilot!

For the SQL Server Central Management System I've been developing, I needed to create a few "dashboard" type reports. I could use just plain old HTML/ASP/ASPX/PHP, but in keeping with the theme of using what I already have available in SQL Server 2008, I thought I would just use Reporting Services (RS). Now, I'm certainly no RS expert, and I wanted to be able to demonstrate creating a report in just a few steps in less than five minutes, so I knew I needed help. I downloaded SQL Server 2008's Report Builder 2.0, which is incredibly simple, and then I used a new book called "Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services" by Jayaram Krishnaswamy, and it really helped. It had a very hands-on, demonstration approach, which I found pretty useful. You can even download the chapter I used for free. Check it out here: 


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  1. mbourgon says:

    Buck, a question for you, somewhat related to this post.  

    I’m trying to find some sort of easy & cheap system to set up a web page(s) in order to allow people to view and modify about 3-4 tables.  I can write the SPs and views, but do you know of anything that can easily translate that into a web frontend?  I don’t want them using Access or Excel or (gah) SSMS to edit data, I want it done via SPs and the like that I can manage.  I’m willing to tweak things to make it look better, too.  RS can deliver reports, but not the hands-on data entry/cleanup I need.  

    Any help appreciated.


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