Passed 70-432 – Is that Important?

I don't like to read technical blogs that have a lot of personal info in them. Sure, I'll rant from time to time, or talk about a technical book I've read and so on, but most people really don't care about your new cat or how you're feeling today. Keep it technical! But sometimes the two intersect...

In a series of blog entries you can read here, I posted my notes from my studies for exam 70-432. Of late, there has been a lot of discussion on whether certifications are important or not. After all, if you can just study a lot and practice a little, you can pass a test. Does that mean you're a DBA? Of course not.

But if you think about it, it's the same thing for college. College alone doesn't teach you to be a certain thing, but it helps focus your studies and introduces the concepts for your career field. And I think that's how we should treat certifications. They just focus your study, and of course should be combined with practical experience and job training, just like in "real life". I don't think that anyone who just passes a test should consider themselves a DBA.

But I am glad I took the test. I took some time to study, arranged my notes, and interestingly, there was a question asked of me just yesterday that I knew off the top of my head because I had studied Books Online for that topic. So it can be useful.

Anyway, I did pass the test. That's the personal part that you may not be as interested in. But even if you don't plan to take the test, studying the material can't hurt. Think of it as a "forcing function" to make yourself look into areas of the product you're not an expert in already. And it doesn't hurt to have that certification, either.



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  1. mbourgon says:

    Congrats.  And you’re right on how to approach it; I don’t think I’d consider anyone with the certs more than a "paper DBA" until I saw actual work from them.  

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for your posts on 70-432, it really helped me focus on what I was weak at (finally got it after my 4th go).

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