I’ll be at TechEd 2009

Normally the Technical Solution Provider (TSP) role I'm currently in does not do a lot of work outside of his or her territory. I'm dedicated to my clients here in Washington state, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho, so I spend a lot of time with them making sure they have what they need to use SQL Server.

But as you may know, I used to speak at TechEd's all over the world - from Europe to Brazil and here in the US. Although I knew I wouldn't be funded to go to these any more, I missed them. I love talking to big crowds, finding out what you're up to and just the general environment at these great events.

I have been asked to come to TechEd 2009 and present at a "Pre-Conference" presentation. These are 7-hour + meetings with a deep-dive on a specific topic. It's on the weekend, so it doesn't interfere with my client commitments, so off I go!  I'm only there on Sunday, but hey, I'll take it!

So if you're planning to go to TechEd, check out those Pre-Cons. I'm doing one called "A Day in the Life of the DBA" where I'll cover everything from monitoring to management using the features we introduced in SQL Server 2005 and now in 2008 to make your day faster, better, cheaper.

See you there!

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