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When I was on the product team, I was asked by a few of you from time to time to make a change in SQL Server. Now that I'm in the field, I get asked to "chat with the development team" to make one change or another.

But you actually have more say than I do. There are 85,000 of us at Microsoft, and every one of us believes that we know exactly what needs to go in the product. As you can imagine, there are more good ideas than time and resources to enact them. So our ideas go into a big pot and only a few of them are chosen.

But you can visit and make an entry there (or vote on a current one) about a problem you have with SQL Server or something that you want it to do differently. From there, the suggestion gets voted on and ranked by importance - and then we implement some of them! In fact, this was how the T-SQL Debugger, Intellisense, and Object Search made it into SQL Server 2008. They were some of the top-ranked and voted on features requested by you.

So the next time you think "why don't they put this or that into SQL Server? And why don't they fix this issue?" - tell us!

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  1. mjswart says:

    At there are three issues that have more than 250 votes. One of them is "Release SP3 for SQL Server 2005". Another one is about scripting tables and has been fixed.

    The third one is about Intellisense, issue 341872. And this is the one that is disappointing for me. And it’s the one I like to mention when anybody says how wonderful is. It’s a feature that got closed "by design".

    Now it’s Microsoft’s prerogative to fix this or not fix that. But I think the whole process is a lot less democratic than it seems on the surface.

  2. BuckWoody says:

    I hear you – it’s certainly not perfect. And I’m also not saying that if the feature you want is in connect, we’ll do it. I’m just syaing that we do look at the list, and evaluate each suggestion.

    Closing something is always hard – I really disliked that. But I recieved several hundred of these suggestions, and we just couldn’t do them all. Just like going after that person you always wanted to date, don’t give up – keep asking!

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