Software Alert: ClearTrace

I ran across this package today: 

I'm playing with it now. It basically reads a SQL Server Trace file and shows you the longer running processes so you can do more performance tuning. It's a freebie, and also in beta. I don't know if they will charge for it in the future.

You can do the same thing yourself with Transact-SQL, and of course there are memory limitations, but it seems like an interesting toy to play with.

As always, load this kind of thing in a test environment (a VPC is ideal for that), your mileage may vary, don't run with scissors, etc.

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  1. I used ClearTrace before coming to Microsoft to perform stored procedure remediation on a really, really bad SQL Server 2000 database. It was a good tool to identify poorly performing queries and stored procs.

    Now a days we have SQL Nexus and the related tools with 2005/2008. ClearTrace still has it’s uses when you don’t have anything to work with but a trace file.

  2. mbourgon says:

    I’ll have to play with SQLNexus some more, then.  ClearTrace I find invaluable – everybody should have it.

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