The PI is Online

OK, this post doesn't have a direct link to data, but it does have to do with technology. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper printed it's last issue on paper today, and went totally on-line. A lot of people are upset about this, but I for one am not. Read on.

No, it's not that I don't like the PI. I think it's a fine paper. It's just that I haven't read a paper in "paper" form in years. In fact, I signed up last night for the on-line version of the PI. It's free, it's local, and it leverages content from all over the US and the world as well. It's the way I get my news anyway, and now it's official. In fact, over time, I think the PI might be one of the larger "papers", now that it's been forced online.

What does this have to do with our tech area? Well, I think that it shows that often companies are resistant to change, all the way to the end. And I think that there's opportunity in every change - even the "bad" ones. You and I, as technologists, can help our companies prepare for that inevitable day when the realities of life force our business to change. It's up to us to plan now for the future - because it's coming. Maybe faster than we think....

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