Exam 70-432 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance

Microsoft likes for its people to be certified in as many technologies as possible. Personally, I find certifications useful since they help me focus my study, but I don't think that certification = expert. It's just one part of the puzzle.

To that end, I got one of the earliest certs Microsoft had (long before I worked here) and then went on to get my MCSE and then MCDBA. Again, they are just good ways to help me round out the study I do and the real-world experience I gain on the job. So now I'm starting the process to pass this exam: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-432.mspx

A lot of people study for a couple of weeks and then just jump in to the tests - and that's great. My friend Sean McCown just breezed in and took the test and passed it. I take a long time for my studies, since I fold them into everything else I'm doing. I find that taking longer helps it "sink in" better for me.

I thought I would share the notes I have as I go along. Normally I use this process:

  1. Find out what's covered on the test
  2. Locate those topics in Books Online and read them
  3. Practice (implement the feature, etc)
  4. Find a practice test somewhere and take it, gauge where I'm weak
  5. Find any extra books, especially those written for the test (if they are good) and read those
  6. Take the real test - and Pass!

So with all that in mind, here are the notes I've made so far - a forum link and then the topics from the test, along with Books Online links. I'll modify this list and add to it from time to time, and then post it here. If you have any comments on the test (but not the questions from it or any answers, please) feel free to comment on the article.




Install SQL Server 2008 and related services - file locations; default paths; service accounts



Configure SQL Server instances - sp_configure


Configure SQL Server services - configuration manager; SQL browser



Implement database mail - set up and configure


Configure full-text indexing - enable/disable, index population


Manage SQL Server Agent jobs - create and schedule jobs; notification of job execution; disable/enable jobs; change job step order; logging


Manage SQL Server Agent alerts - performance condition alerts; SQL event alerts; Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) alerts


Manage SQL Server Agent operators - operator schedules; fail safe operator; add a new operator; notification methods


Implement the declarative management framework (DMF) - create a policy; verify a policy; schedule a policy compliance check; enforce a policy; create a condition


Back up a SQL Server environment - operating system-level concepts


Manage logins and server roles- create logins; disable/enable logins; security model (authentication mode); password policy enforcement; fixed server roles; alter logins


Manage users and database roles - user mapping; user-defined roles; fixed roles; guest, public, dbo; creating and deleting user roles


Manage SQL Server instance permissions- logon triggers; permissions vs fixed role membership; cross-database ownership chaining; impersonation


Manage schema permissions and object permissions- manage schema ownership


Audit SQL Server instances- use DDL triggers and logon triggers; C2; common criteria; login failures; event notifications





Manage transparent data encryption- impact of transparent data encryption on backups


Manage and configure databases- files, file groups, and related options; database options; recovery model; attach/detach data


Manage database snapshots- create, drop, revert


Maintain database integrity- DBCC CHECKDB; suspect pages


Maintain a database by using maintenance plans- Maintenance Plan Wizard; Maintenance Plan Designer


Import and export data- BCP; BULK INSERT; OPENROWSET; GUI tools



Manage data partitions- switching data from one partition to another; add a filegroup; alter a partition function; alter a partition scheme


Implement data compression- sparse columns; page/row


Maintain indexes- create spatial indexes; create partitioned indexes; clustered and non-clustered indexes; XML indexes; disable and enable indexes; filtered index on sparse columns; indexes with included columns; rebuilding/reorganizing indexes; online/offline


Manage collations- column collation; database collation; instance collation


Identify SQL Server service problems- DB Engine service; SQL Agent service; SQL Browser service


Identify concurrency problems- blocks, locks, deadlocks, activity monitor; relevant Dynamic Management Views

Identify SQL Agent job execution problems- proxy accounts; credentials; job history


Locate error information- error log; agent log; job execution history; event logs


Implement Resource Governor


Use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor


Collect trace data by using SQL Server Profiler


Collect performance data by using Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)


Collect performance data by using System Monitor


Use Performance Studio


Implement database mirroring- monitoring, configuring, failover


Implement a SQL Server clustered instance- monitoring, configuring, failover


Implement log shipping- monitoring, configuring, failover


Implement replication- monitoring, configuring, failover


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  1. kirchner says:

    If I can give my two cents, I like to read the books focused on tests first then read BOL when I think the books are weak or not good enought.

    Of course, practice helps a lot.

    BTW, I took 70-432 while it was beta (about august 2008 I think). I find out the exams improved a bit in quality since 2005.

  2. Strate SQL says:

    Buck Woody put together a list of resources for the exam 70-432 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation

  3. Strate SQL says:

    Buck Woody put together a list of resources for the exam 70-432 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance.

  4. Carpe Datum says:

    In a previous post , I started the process of my study for the 70-432 exam. I’m working on that (as I

  5. Carpe Datum says:

    In a previous post , I started the process of my study for the 70-432 exam. I’m working on that (as I

  6. BuckWoody says:

    I did 432, but no others. Passed!

  7. Anon says:

    How many questions are on the test and how long does it take?

  8. Clara James says:

    Microsoft 70-432 exam is also known as TS :MS SQL Server@ 2008, Implementation and Maintenance. I think we should take this exam as early as possible and for this we have to make some practice and take some pre exam for preparation. I will suggest that we have to connect some online exam preparing websites like testking, selfexamengine and a source of 70-432 http://www.examsheets.net/microsoft-70-432.htm

  9. Dan says:

    Clara, and anyone else using those sites you suggested,

    Those sites are regarded as braindump sites. You should stay as far from those sites as you can. Check certguard.com to see if a site you are using is valid. Using a braindump site violates the non-disclosure agreement that you make with Microsoft when you take the test. I do not know if Microsoft is actually cracking down – ie. revoking peoples' certifications for this – Oracle is. Anyway, I recommend you find legitimate resources, such as Microsoft Press books, or other books you might find on Amazon; SelfTest Software, Transcender, etc.

  10. Reginald Rebb says:

    I've noticed that the posted are dated.  How relevant is the information/data if I want to take the exam today(7/30/2013)?

  11. BuckWoody says:

    If you're taking the 2K8 exam, I think you can use a lot of this. If it's 2K12, find the corollary to these links by searching for the updated topics.

  12. Working mum says:

    Planning to take the exam, I'm starting to gather resources thank you for your blog.

  13. Ashley says:

    There are three major tiers with the MC (Microsoft Certified) prefix, which are Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE),and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).Exams usually take between two and three hours to complete and consist of between 40 and 90 multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and solution-building questions and simulated content with respect to which students must perform certain common administrative tasks. http://www.elearningexams.com/…/70-411-exam

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