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  1. Bill Ramos says:

    Funny you should bring this topic up on the same day that I recieved my plaque for versioning database objects using source control systems from back in 1999. Check out

    Bill Ramos

  2. Brian Krebs says:

    I like that you are attempting to solve an age-old IT conundrum in a pragmatic way.  I see a couple of downsides to your approach though, and you mentioned a few in your final paragraph.  There is really no true control since the user can change objects without checking in.

    A new, innovative software product called DBVS solves all of these problems in an elegant way.  When a database object is checked in, the DBVS server connects to that database and extracts the object's metadata in an XML format and versions it in a SCM tool of your choice.  That means there is no need to version SQL scripts at all.

    Find out more about DBVS at  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

    Brian Krebs

    Chief Technical Officer

    Database Versioning Systems

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