Remote Connectivity

By now you've probably seen all the news reports about the bad weather, or perhaps you don't need the news - you're stuck in it as well. Here in Seattle we're simply not used to this kind of snow level down below the mountains. We have lots of steep hills that have now got over a foot of snow and an inch or so of ice on them - and chains and four wheel drives don't help on that.

But happily the Internet connection at my house is up, so I can connect in and just keep right on working. Which brings up an interesting point.

Most of us have to connect in to our SQL Servers, and I'm always interested to see the various ways people use to do that. Most everyone just takes over the entire system by using Remote Desktop or VNC. They then run all the tools and do their work that way.

I tend to connect using the tools on my local system, and then hit the box over a VPN. Or at most I use text-based tools at the console. It's probably just my Unix roots (pun intended) showing, but it seems faster and more efficient to me to do it that way.

Whichever way you use, make sure that you keep security in mind. We've had a really good safety record with SQL Server 2005 and 2008, but that won't help if someone can take over the box it lives on.

Stay warm.

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