PASS 2008 Conference – Day Three

Well, the "official" start of PASS was today, and it opened with a bang! Ted Kummert, the "head guy" of the entire SQL Server product, gave the keynote and he introduced a lot of the new technology we're working towards.

First things first: We're releasing an update to SQL Server 2008, codenamed "Kilimanjaro” in 2010. It includes more BI apps, and a new set of features that you're going to hear a lot more about in the coming months. These new features revolve around the "Develop, Deploy and Manage" themes I've been talking about recently at TechEd Europe and Brazil, and here in Seattle. Only this time you won't have to manually handle these functions - they will be handled for you.

I'll go into this more later, but the idea is that you will have the ability to manage large numbers of systems easier. Here's how it will do that, stealing a bit from the bullet-points in Ted's keynote:

Seamless Collaboration:  We're releasing a new application model that enables your developers to define deployment and capacity policies for their application. You can bundle these with the database schema as a deployable package.  This means that information doesn’t get lost in translation from developer to DBA.

Centralized management: You can discover and manage existing systems by placing instances and data-tier application components under central management. You can set policies centrally for those instances.

Manage Efficiently at Scale: Using Policy-Based Management, you can manage applications and instances by policy. We have new dashboard viewpoints that give you greater insights into resource utilization. You'll be able to figure out where to deploy which app.

More to come on this... gotta catch a bus!

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