PASS 2008 Conference: Day Two

We’re still on pre-conferences here at PASS, and for the last two days there has been a “SCAN” (SQL Customer Advisory Network) meetings where we preview new technologies and get feedback from them on current technologies, listening and learning how they use the product in the field. I jumped into Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randall's presentation, Bob Beauchemin's and Kalen Delaney's 

event, and a few others. I learned a lot, and drove Kim crazy with the questions!


I had a meeting today with one of the folks from the DATAllegro group that we recently acquired, and we had a great time going over some of the HADR strategies for large sets of data – which was the exact topic I covered yesterday.


I also caught up with a friend from Brazil that helped me at TechEd Brazil a few weeks back. We spoke about a few topics on SQL Server, and during lunch I showed him around town a little. He is still pretty jet-lagged so hopefully he'll remember a little of it.


Most of the comments I'm hearing are around BI - people are adopting it faster and faster, and data professionals are having to keep up. I also hear a lot about scale-up and out, and disaster recovery.


Tomorrow Ted Kummert will be delivering a keynote, and then the presentations start in earnest. I'll deliver a full report as soon as I can.


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