TechEd Europe 2008 Day Four – Policy Based Management

I’ve presented 6 sessions so far at TechEd Europe in Barcelona, and I’m explaining the how and why of the basics of Policy Based Management. Today I wanted to clear up a few terms that we use in PBM.


The example I use in the demos is of a DBA named Alexi that wants all Stored Procedures to have “usp” at the start of the name. He wants to check that all of his current SP’s are “in compliance” with the rule, and he wants to ensure that future SP’s are named that way. Here’s a general sentence that captures his intent:


“The names of all Stored Procedures in all user databases must have “usp” as the start of the name.”


So now we can decompose the sentence into the terms we use in PBM. I’ll list them here today, and then break them down further tomorrow:


“…all Stored Procedures in all user databases…” – Target

“…Stored Procedures…” – Facet

“…”usp” as the start of the name…” – Condition

“…must have…” – Evaluation Mode


All of these elements work together to form the “Policy” in Policy Based Management. Tomorrow I’ll explain a little more about how these map in to the concepts and implementation for PBM.

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