Quote of the Day – Things of Value

We’ve had a great Thanksgiving data, and in our family we always go around the table and mention what we are thankful for. I thought of this quote Goethe: Nothing should be prized more highly than the value of each day. – Goethe


PowerShell and SQL Server – Use a Text File to Drive A Script

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re in the US, we give one day a year (although I’m thankful year-round) to giving thanks for all our blessings. Today I thought I might share a little technique I use to perform an action across a set of objects, using a text file to change the objects. Here’s the standard…


High Availability / Disaster Recovery Links

In my pre-conference on HADR at PASS, our team identified somf great links on Database Mirroring and other specific topics. I promised I would post those in my blog, so here they are: ·         DBM TechNet Article: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2005/dbmirror.mspx o   Includes how to calculate RPO delays   ·         DBM DMV that shows the last hardened LSN…


Secure those Laptops

If your company uses laptops (and of course they do) make sure that the data on them is secure, especially if you’re using replication in SQL Server to store data on them. Here at Microsoft I use Vista on my laptop with Bitlocker – a free, easy-to-use solution keeps my data on the hard drive…


Application and Multi-Server Management

Our team made some announcements at PASS about a new set of features we’re working on, and it generated a lot of questions. If you’re one of those folks, or if you weren’t able to get to PASS this year, there are some good links I’d like to pass on about this effrot. The first…


PASS 2008 Conference – Day Five

Today was the final day of the conference, but I had a packed house for our discussion on PowerShell and SQL Server. I wanted to blog about one concept I covered in the demo: Why would I use PowerShell when I have SSIS, stored procs, batch files and other mechanisms? I submit the following reasons:…


PASS 2008 Conference – Day Four

This morning started bright and early for the Manageability Team (MPU) that I’m a part of. We hosted a breakfast for a select group of Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) for SQL Server to go over some of the information we presented yesterday in the keynote, and some of our future plans. Not sure who was…


PASS 2008 Conference – Day Three

Well, the “official” start of PASS was today, and it opened with a bang! Ted Kummert, the “head guy” of the entire SQL Server product, gave the keynote and he introduced a lot of the new technology we’re working towards. First things first: We’re releasing an update to SQL Server 2008, codenamed “Kilimanjaro” in 2010….


PASS 2008 Conference: Day Two

We’re still on pre-conferences here at PASS, and for the last two days there has been a “SCAN” (SQL Customer Advisory Network) meetings where we preview new technologies and get feedback from them on current technologies, listening and learning how they use the product in the field. I jumped into Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randall’s…


PASS 2008 Conference – Day One

Yeah, I’m at another conference – but I didn’t have to travel far for this one! I’m at the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) conference here in Seattle, Washington. OK, I did have to take a train and a bus to get to the convention center, but this time I didn’t have to take…