TechEd Brazil – Day Three

I started today at TechEd by chatting with several folks about some issues they were having on planning solutions for their companies. They were lined up at the discussion area and had lots of questions ready! I also spoke with several folks on the SQL Server Management Studio, showing them how to use the new features to work with their systems. And then we spent quite a bit of time on PowerShell for SQL Server and how they could use that to manage multiple servers.

What has impressed me in my time here is how eager the technical professionals in Brazil are to learn new things. They ask questions, take notes, take pictures of the screens as the slides and demos go by, and even discuss it with each other. They have sent me several e-mails and really want to be better at their jobs.

All I can say is - Obrigado! (thank you) I have enjoyed my time here in Sao Paulo!

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