TechEd 2008 – Brazil (Day Two)

I started the day bright and early, meeting with several folks that are interested in growing the DBA role in companies here in Brazil. In all of my interactions with the technical professionals here I hear the same things - that we need to communicate to the companies how important the DBA is to the organization. In fact, After my session today on Performance Tuning I participated on a radio show about that very topic. Tonight  at 7:00 I'll give another presentation on growing your skills as a DBA.

Here's how I feel about that - the DBA (and Database Developers, and Business Intelligence Professionals) work with the most important asset a company has, outside of its employees: its data. The DBA has a responsibility to learn about the basics - Computer Science 101 topics - and also to educate themselves on the platform(s) they use. But the DBA should not stop there - these things are important to the job, but the business doesn't necessarily care about these things (until the server melts down!). The real value of the DBA is when they learn the business. Now they can design solutions for the organization that provides good strategies.

More to come.

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