TechEd 2008 – Brazil

Well, after an extremely long flight (24 hours total) I have arrived at TechEd Brazil. What an enthusiastic group of professionals! Yesterday I attended a meeting with the Brazil "MVP"s, or Most Valuable Professionals - and although I don't speak Portugese, I did understand the passion! I had dinner with several of the MVPs and talked with them as much as I could. They know English far better than I know Portugese!

Today in the "sold out" briefing, I showed the DBA and Developer Audience the new features we have in SQL Server 2008 that help make us more efficient at work, and let us go home (and stay there) at a decent hour. Although I was translated, it turns out that humor DOES work around the world - as long as it's DBA humor! I covered Policy Based Management, The Data Collector, PowerShell, the Resource Governor, Change Data Capture, and more. You might call SQL Server 2008 the "DBAs release".

The interesting thing were the questions - once again, people have questions around large-scale installations, and implementing the features they hear about. Many asked questions about the DBA Role - does Microsoft care about DBAs? Yes! I'll explain our message in another post, but the features aren't designed to minimize the DBA role - far from it. The features allow you to fous on what's important. And I'll talk about that later.

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