SQL PASS Pre-Conference Presentation

I'll be presenting at lots of conferences soon - SQL Saturday in Olympia Washington, several webcasts, TechEd Brazil and then TechEd Europe in Barcelona.

But I'll also be presenting at one of the biggest SQL-Geekfests there is - SQL PASS. I'll be doing a series on PowerShell and SQL Server, and I'm also doing a pre-conference session on High-Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR). We'll start at about the 200 level and by the end of 6 hours, we'll go all the way through the 400-level stuff, and at the end we'll show you how to set up you own HADR system using only Virtual Machines! Hey, nothing better than saving a few thousand dollars by not having to by a SAN. I'll also have the team there that actually writes the code for HA - you can ping them with questions, and they even have a few questions for you for the next generation of HA in SQL Server. You'll be able to directly affect what we do with the product.

I'll chat about the other presentations in the next few days, but definitely get registered for the PASS pre-con today: http://summit2008.sqlpass.org/precon-buck-woody.html

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