Music and Technology

I've noticed something interesting since I've been working at Microsoft, specifically at the SQL Server organization. All of the folks here are incredibly smart - you'd probably expect that - but they have two other traits that I've found. Many of them have a "tactile" hobby, that is, a hobby where they actually make something physical, like woodworking or cooking. I think that has to do with working with software all day, and having so much to do that you have it waiting on you every day when you get home. You get to the point where you want to work with your hands and complete something!

The other thing I've seen is that a very high number of people I work with are musicians. I don't mean that they just play an instrument; they play it well. So far, the majority of them play a string instrument, but we also have drummers, brass, woodwinds and others. Some are also singers.

How about where you are - do your tech friends have these traits?

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  1. username1 says:

    Well, for me, I am a musician, a guitarist mainly.

    I have all my friends able to do any percussion instrument.. though they like to have some group playing with me. Some of us are now teachers.

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