The OED Details Area

Just at the bottom of the Object Explorer Details (OED) panel, which you can show by pressing F7, you'll find a small amount of information separated by a horizontal bar. If you highlight an object in the OED area, you'll see that information change. But there's more.

You can left-click on that bar and drag it upwards. As you do, more and more information about the highlighted object is shown. Just to the right of each piece of information displayed there in the OED details area is a small icon, and if you click that, the line of information is placed in the clipboard.

I use this all the time to show the file locations for a database, and then I copy that to memory to open the directory to get at the backup files.

Comments (2)

  1. Like many of you, I find that working in SSMS is a joy, compared to Query Analyzer. Like many of you, I miss things like CTRL B to move the splitter bar between the query window and the results pane, and I’ve moved on to just using CTRL R to get rid of

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