Managing Other Platforms

We often get asked if we will ever create a tool that will manage not only SQL Server but other vendor's systems. I understand the desire - when I was a DBA I had several systems that I managed, and I wanted a tool that would do it all as well. I even had an open-source tool that I used to do that.

It's not trivial to write a tool like that. Sure, the interfaces to any vendor's database system are usually well documented, so just connecting isn't a big deal. But each vendor also does things differently, even from an architectural standpoint. That means that the entire approach in the user interface is different, so it doesn't lend itself to writing a single tool to manage them all. Another very big issue is keeping up with the release schedules of each vendor. You want to make sure you expose all the functionality in each package, so you have to release the tool every time your supported vendor releases.

Sure, you can write some basic functionality in your tools to connect to another vendor. You can connect to other systems from a query window in SQL Server Management Studio. But creating a full graphical interface for another product is more problematic than it first appears.

So after a while I went back to using each vendor's tools. The reason is there is always that special feature that the vendor has in their tool that just doesn't fit another vendor. So the "all in one" tool didn't always do everything I needed.

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