SQL Server 2008 Improvements Practicals – Intellisense

I gave a presentation at TechEd 2008 where I covered our new features in "A Day in the Life of a DBA". Here's more of what I showed for 1:00pm - "New and Shiny":

In my DBA day I finally get a break to do something I really enjoy - new development. I decide I need to create a new stored procedure, and in that procedure I'd like to use a system function. I'm sure you've faced this yourself. With Intellisense turned on in SQL Server Management Studio, as you type you're shown not only Transact-SQL syntax, but even the variable names you've created earlier in the script. I've found this feature has been invaluable in speeding me up in development.

Another cool part of Intellisense is that it helps me figure out the required parameters for those system functions. It's a small thing, but it helps a lot!

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