SQL Server 2008 Improvements Practicals – Object Explorer Details

I gave a presentation at TechEd 2008 where I covered our new features in "A Day in the Life of a DBA". Here's more of what I showed for 8:00am - "Good Morning Sunshine":

In Object Explorer Details (OED), we've completely re-written the panel that shows when you press F7. You can now select columns that you want to show (such as Backup Dates, Sizes, and so on) on the databases and other objects shown in the detail. These selections "stick", or persist, and you can also order and sort them. This is a VERY useful feature once you start playing with it. Oh, and you can select one or more lines of what you've show, press CTRL-C and the data (with the headers, how cool is that) is placed in the clipboard in tab-delimited format, ready for pasting into a table in Excel or Mail. Try this: Show the columns of database names and sizes only, and then copy the list into memory. Paste that into Excel, and then select the rows and press SHIFT-F1. Boom - you have a graph showing database sizes, which you can capture and compare over time. Very neat.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also click on a database (or other database object) and then "grab" (click and hold" the divider line in the bottom of OED. As you drag it upward, several properties appear in the bottom area, much like in Vista. Just to the right of those properties is a small icon that allows you to copy the contents into memory.

One extra note here - some of these properties are expensive, meaning it takes a while to query for them. Backup dates, sizes, etc. have to be looked up, so if you have several thousand database objects, your screen will take a few moments to refresh.  

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  1. There have been quite a few blog postings about the new Search feature in SQL Server 2008 Management

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