TechEd Day One (part deux)

Well, I'm here at TechEd after a restful night's sleep and I've already been able to sepak with tons of people about SQL Server. The primary questions I'm getting are:

  • I've got SQL Server 2000 installed - can I upgrade that to 2008?

  • Why would I upgrade to 2008?

  • Are you Garth Books? (Here, and  Here)

  • I have application X. What do I need to change to run 2008?

Let me try and answer a few of those. Yes, we allow upgrades from 2000 to 2008. We realize a lot of people don't change their platform for the database very often, so we want to make that upgrade path as efficient as possible.

It depends on the feature set you're interested in. We have a ton of new stuff in Managability, there's new things in the Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services and more.


It depends on whether the app is using any deprecated features. For the most part, things just run unaltered, but there are always caveats.

If you're at the conference, stop by the SQL Server booth and say "hello". If not, stay tuned, I'll be blogging what I'm doing, so you can follow along there at home.

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