Working with other RDBMS’s

From time to time we get asked if we could extend SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to manage other database platforms. In fact, it's come up here among ourselves, and is the subject of no small debate.

As you know, I was a DBA for a long time, and many times I had to manage multiple systems from various vendors. I also wanted a tool that would "do it all", so I used a few open-source and closed-source products. A few did the job fairly well, but none of them was as good as the tool the vendor provided. There were just too many little things that made a difference, so I ended up installing the tools from each vendor and taking a little time to learn them.

So I'm on the side of the fence that says that we (Microsoft) shouldn't be in the business of trying to figure out another vendor's products and follow their development cycles for releases. Although it's a pain to have to learn multiple tools, we do it every day in other arenas. Of course, you can connect to another system through linked servers and OPENQUERY statements, but I don't think you can match the richness of one vendor's tool with another.

And the debate rages on....

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