Changes on the Developer and TechCenters for MSDN

I'm not sure if you've noticed the changes on the SQL Server Developer Center on MSDN or SQL Server TechCenter on TechNet.  If not, you should definitely check them out.

Here are a few highlights:


·         On the home page of both MSDN and TechNet, you’ll see links to featured Blogs from key Microsoft executives as well as MVPs – as well as pictures that help “bring alive” the people who make up our vibrant community

·         On our Developer and Technology Centers, you’ll increasingly see content from experts and the community (including product group blogs, MVPs, Forums and code sharing sites) highlighted right on the home page of each Center – allowing you fast and easy access to the community-generated content on the products, tasks, technologies and scenarios of most use

·         You’ll see a greater emphasis on Forums – and these Forums use our new, enhanced Forums platform featuring recognition for Top Answerers, an easier way to see which questions have been answered, which have code – and even a thread preview, which provides an easier way to view threads with no additional page loads

·         You’ll get a chance to use our new Social Bookmarking tool, which allows you to share bookmarks of your favorite technical sites with other IT Professionals and Developers

·         You’ll also see new “Action Panels” on the MSDN and TechNet site home pages to help customers quickly scan the page and get to the content that delivers the highest value to them

·         Broader use and exposure of the increasingly popular “How Do I” video series – both of the home pages of MSDN and TechNet, as well as on our Dev and Tech Centers

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