The Green DBA

Well, this morning I'm feeling a little "under the weather", so I'm working from home. Other than physically attending meetings I'm able to do just about everything else from here, thanks to a VPN, Remote Desktop, and Livemeeting.

As I'm sitting here working with the morning news playing in the background, I heard the traffic report, which in Seattle is usually described as "bad". Although I ride the bus to work, I'm thrilled to be able to get started right after I wake up and get my coffee, rather than trekking in to the campus. I also don't use much electricity, using only my monitor and computer and the radio. I prefer to work in a darker room, so I just use natural light. And I eat here, so I don't use any gas to go get lunch. In short, I'm quite green. I know many of you do the same from time to time.

That got me to thinking - perhaps we should all have a national "telecommute to work day". If it's physically possible for you to work from home one day, get with your boss and with your IT department to make it happen. I'm not sure how we could measure the effect of people doing this - perhaps we could just listen to the traffic report!

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