Top Ten Troubles with Management Studio

"Hey - don't forget about those of us just now switching to SQL Server Management Studio 2005 from SQL Server 2000!" I heard this the other day from a reader of this blog. Don't worry, even though I've been talking about the new improvements we've made to management in SQL Server 2K8, I haven't forgotten about the SQL2K5 tools. I still use them myself on the systems that I volunteer for as a DBA.

 From time to time I thought I might cover a few of the more frequent questions I hear about when people switch from Enterprise Manager (EM) and Query Analyzer (QA) to SSMS. Sometimes that's just a matter of "I hate change", but sometimes there are real issues that people have questions about. Happily, you can still hit SQL2K5 with EM and QA if you want, so you have a choice.

Sometimes the answer is "we moved it here", nad sometimes the answer is "this is how you do that now". Sometimes, it isn't optimal - hey, that's what new releases are for!

The first thing I hear most often is around scripting. In EM, you would set the options to script something from the right-click menu. Now, we've included lots more options that just wouldn't fit or make sense on that separate panel, so we moved the options to the Tools | Options | Scripting area. Navigate to that toolbar and you'll see the options (like the DROP scripts) and more that you've been looking for.

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