SQL Server 2008 Management Improvements –SQL Server Management Studio Enhancements

At the SQL Connections conference in April of 2008 I gave a presentation on some of the new Manageability Improvements for SQL Server 2008. In this blog post I’ll talk about several improvements for SQL Server management Studio (SSMS).


This isn’t one single improvement – it’s literally dozens of them. To begin with, there’s an overall speed improvement. This comes from two places. One is the way we build it – there’s a completely new installation model that let us bundle things differently, which lets us load parts of SSMS in a more modular way. The second is that we had a team of people evaluate the statements and methods used to send messages back and forth between the Instance and the client tools. We then tuned those statements based on their results.


The next cool thing is being able to right-click a group of servers – not the server itself, but the group it belongs to in Registered Servers – and run a query across all of them. This isn’t linked server magic or anything like that – just register the server and jam.


We also have a new server group type. You simply click and register a new “Configuration Server” group, and then add Registered Servers to that group. From then on, other people can add that Configuration Server as a new item, and all of the registrations magically show up on their system.


We’ve completely re-engineered Object Explorer Details (OED). It now has selectable columns, which are sort-able and can be arranged. Each arrangement and sort “sticks”, so it’s there when you get back. You can even select a set of rows that display and then hit CTRL-C to copy the data that the rows show into the clipboard in tab-delimited format, ready for Excel or Word pasting.  By the way, select any object and take a look at the bottom part of the OED panel – slide that separator bar and you’ll see a list of properties, just like in Vista.


And we’re not done there yet. We’ve created an Object Search function, which will search across one or more databases for various database objects with all or part of the name you specify. You can then right-click any object to sync it to Object Explorer (OE). No more “click and expand” navigation.


And there’s still more. Right click a table in OE and you can select the TOP N rows instead of everything. Select a few rows (or even CTRL-select them) and when you right-click you’re able to copy the data and the headers. And on the improvements go.



Comments (2)

  1. arachnode.net says:

    Great features here!

    I’m especially excited about the ability to search through database objects.  (Now, if we could only search for data through SSMS… :))

    I recall that the ability to search through database objects was present in 2000, but was lacking in specifics.  Hopefully the new search features won’t disappoint!


  2. Denis Reznik says:

    SQL Server Management Studio появилась вместе с SQL Server 2005, и стала незаменимым инструментом по

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