Windows 2008 and Replication

I mentioned in a previous post that I would point out where SQL Server 2008 takes advantage of improvments in Windows 2008 (Check out the “Windows 2008” tag below for that). I just had to share something I got today from the replication team in an e-mail: 


“Windows Server 2008 includes a new networking stack, redesigned and rewritten from the ground up, with modern protocol implementations. Besides making IPv6 a full-fledged peer of IPv4, it supports better perf over high-latency, high-loss nets.


In [SQL Server 2008] Katmai, the DP & perf teams collaborated with Windows core networking, so SQL networking could take better advantage of the new stack. The impact of this work can be seen in just-completed replication testing, between two sites separated by over 2,000 miles.


The results are nothing short of eye-popping. A pull replication scenario, which used to run in 223 minutes using [SQL Server 2005] Yukon on Win2K3, takes just under 2 minutes on [Windows 2008 Server] Longhorn server with Katmai. And an 11.3GB snapshot was sent >2K miles in ~23 minutes, a rate of almost 500 MB/minute. That’s BYTES, not bits. Talk about “better together”!

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  1. Parece que los equipos de Windows y SQL han trabajado juntos para mejorar el rendimiento de las réplicas

  2. SQL Server 2008 has not yet been released but nevertheless there are already some test results from the