SQL Server 2008 Management Improvements –T-SQL Intellisense

At the SQL Connections conference in April of 2008 I gave a presentation on some of the new Manageability Improvements for SQL Server 2008. In this blog post I’ll talk about a New improvement for SQL Server management Studio (ssms).


This feature works like the automatic syntax-checking in Visual Studio. As you type, it automatically fills out the syntax for Transact-SQL, and for database objects - even variables you’ve declared earlier.


But that isn’t all - it will also check an existing file for you. More than once it has saved me by marking everything in red-meaning none of those objects are in this database!


The feature is configurable-you can turn it off or on.

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  1. Intellisense in SQL Server 2008: finalmente!

  2. Panda says:

    >The feature is configurable-you can turn it off or on.

    Please give some useful information too: where can i turn this off? If i change DB with USE command, the stupid looks for objects in the prev database.

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