SQL Dev Connections Trip – or – Things you say when you’re tired and blogging from the airplane

I usually type these blog entries on the bus ride to work in Redmond. I live pretty far south of the main Microsoft campus, since the housing prices in Redmond are, well, let’s just say they are “high”. Since my bank account doesn’t quite approximate our founder’s, I had to be a bit further out than he might be able to afford.

But I digress. The point is that I am still writing this while I’m travelling – but this time I’m on an airplane, headed to Orlando Florida (Yay!) to present at the SQL Connections conference. It’s also 3:30 in the morning, so I claim no responsibility for the rambling parts of this post. Hey, until I’ve had my sixth cup of Seattle coffee, I’m usually kind of “talky”.

In the product group we live and breathe the new features of SQL Server 2008. We talk about them every day, play with them, file bugs on them, and present them to anyone who will listen. And I’ve only been in the group for about 8 months – the people who have been here for years have worked with these ideas since SQL Server 2005 was introduced, and for some concepts even before. After a while, it feels like everyone knows this stuff already, because we’ve talked about it so much.

But in fact we talk to new audiences all the time. And even though I blog, podcast, write and present the features, that doesn’t mean you’ve had time to look at it all. After all, you have a regular day-job you have to take care of.

I hope that as we go along you’ll find that these blogs, and the others from our team, will help you focus in on each of the new features in SQL Server 2008. I’ll try and make the titles as descriptive as possible, and I’ll also try and remember to include links to the documentation for each one. Books Online for SQL Server 2008 is already up on the web, and of course it comes on the Customer Technical Preview (CTP’s) that you can download.

So I’m off to Orlando. This week as I blog I’ll tell you a bit about what I learn from you each day, and I’ll post what I plan to present to the audience here. If you’re reading this in the April 2008 timeframe and you’re at Connections, look me up. I’ll be the guy in the blue Microsoft shirt. J

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