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  1. jag says:

    Great series! thanks!

    Is there a way to schedule one of these reports so it executed and sent by email?

  2. Buck Woody says:

    No, these are within Management Studio – but there are tools like Quest, Idera and Redgate that can do that.

  3. Abbas says:

    Is this latest / updated list of std. reports? and is there any Reports for analyzing cubes utilization and performance?



  4. BuckWoody says:

    Yes, it's current, and no, there aren't any that I am aware of for that. But as of SQL Server 2005 SP2 you can create your own.

  5. Every edition of SQL Server has access to the Standard reports? Thanks.

  6. BuckWoody says:

    Pnglv: Yes, with the exception of Express.

  7. Frank Sheng says:

    Perfect. I need them. Thanks very much!

  8. Lisa says:


    Does u know if the sql server agent standard rpts (Top Jobs rpt) can be imported into SSRS or scheduled to run and sent via email?

  9. Mahlon Barrault says:

    If you are interested in automating reports like these take a look at…/mdw-overview-report-for-data-collector-mdw-report-series-part-1.aspx

    It assumes you are running and have access to the SCOM MDW

  10. max says:

    Hi ,

     i am running a query daily and extracting the output . is there a way that it run the query daily at a particular time and send mail or save it in a location.

  11. BuckWoody says:

    Max, yes, you can do that. Use SQL Server Reporting Services and you can create an automated report. You could also simply use a SQL Server Agent Job to do the same.

    – Buck

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