System Visualization – Working in a Team

One of the main tasks I have is thinking about how we should design tools to help visualize a system. There are plenty of challenges, as I've alluded to before. Do youshow an object-based paradigm or a task-based one, or some of both? How do you manage the transition? And how do you keep the footprint of the tools light and yet provide all of the bells and whistles everyone demands? Do you optimize for single-system views, big enterprises, "slices of data", etc.?

But one of the biggest challenges is gaining concensus. Everyone on the team has areas of the product that they are responsible for, but all of us work within a framework. I own that framework, but "own" is not what you might think here. Although it's my responsibility to make SSMS work with all of the components, all of the very bright people here have their own opinions of how that would look. It's a lot of fun corralling that into a single deliverable - it's what makes the days fly by! 

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