Checking Your System

In most checklists for SQL Server, including the one I explained on my last Podcast, you're told to "check your system". In fact, most instructors and DBA Experts will not look kindly on you if you don’t. But what does that mean? Well, I’ll probably do a longer Podcast on that, but here are some quick ways that you can check the system using SSMS.


First, use those reports I've been documenting. They are one of the most overlooked sections of SSMS. Second, check the Logs. In the “Management” node, you can view not only the SQL Server logs but the windows Event Logs as well.


Next, check the maintenance plan history, by right-clicking them, if you’re using those. If not, check the output of whatever maintenance you run. Finally, check the history of each job that you have.


These are the basics, and there are other checks you can do. But you should definitely run at least these checks every day.

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