SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – Job Steps Execution History

I'm continuing my series on the Standard Reports in SQL Server Management Studio, and today we’re in the management reports. You can find these reports by starting SQL Server Management Studio and right-clicking the SQL Server Agent node. From the menu that appears, click the Standard Reports, and then select the title at the top of this post. This report shows Instance information about the jobs your SQL Server Agent runs successfully and those that fail. This should be one of the reports you check every day.

The first section of the report shows you the job execution steps that your Agent has scheduled for the past seven days.

Column Description
Job Name The name of the job, recorded in the MSDB database
Step ID The step number within your job
Step Name The name of the step within the job
#Total Executions The number of times this step has run within the last seven days
# Failed Executions The number of times this step has been scheduled to execute but has failed to finish
Avg. Run Duration (sec.) The average time in seconds this step has taken over the last seven days
# Avg. Retries Attempted The average number of times this step has failed and then retried in the last seven days

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