SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – Notification Services – General

I'm continuing my series on the Standard Reports in SQL Server Management Studio, and today we’re in the management reports. You can find these reports by starting SQL Server Management Studio and right-clicking the Management node. From the menu that appears, click the Standard Reports, and then select the title at the top of this post. This report shows Instance information about Notification Services. The database-level reports for Notification Services have information that is more granular; this report is at the server-level.

The first section of the report shows you how many instances you have. By the way, if you’re new to Notification Services, you can read more here.

The second section of this report shows the instances and general information about Notification Services running on the databases :

Column Description
Name The NS instance name
Status The status of the services
Version The version of the server installed
Edition The SQL Server Edition - check here for more on how each edition implements NS
Number of Subscribers The number of subscribers to this instance of NS
Database Name The name of the database that this instance of NS is using
Schema Name The name of the NS Schema associated with this instance

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