SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – Number of Errors

I'm continuing my series on the Standard Reports in SQL Server Management Studio and today we’re in the management reports. You can find these reports by starting SQL Server Management Studio and right-clicking the Management node. From the menu that appears, click the Standard Reports, and then select the title at the top of this post. This report shows information about the errors your system has reported. It’s a great report to review each morning when you do your system checks.

The first section of the report is a graph showing the Error count by type of error. It’s a good view to visually group the errors, so you can quickly see which errors are occurring most often.

The second section of this report shows the errors and information about them:

Column Description
Error The error returned by the SQL Server engine
Severity INFORMATIONAL, WARNING, or ERROR. severity is optional, with a default of INFORMATIONAL.
Count The number of times this error has occured
First Occurrence The date and time the error first occurred
Last Occurrence The date and time the error last occurred
Last Error Message The text of the last error returned by the engine

Comments (1)

  1. Nicole says:

    Where do these errors come from? The SQL Server error log? What about the server event logs? (I'm wondering how thorough the report is. This will determine how much additional checking I should do.)

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