Theory or Practice?

As most of you know, I'm big on practical advice. My Podcast is even called the "Real World DBA". I think until something becomes concrete, it's tough to buy off on it. On the other hand...

I work in theoretical settings all day long. I deal with processes and procedures, models and theories, concepts and ideas. Of course, I always try to marry them back to a practical solutions, but the point is that mine is a "theoretical" type of job, with a lot of research and science.

So where is the balance? I like the statement from Alfred North Whitehead who said: "We think in generalities, but we live in detail". So I try to start with a theory, model it, and see if it fits real life. Sometimes that involves things we do already as DBA's and Developers - and sometimes it involves things we can't do yet - until the team writes the code for it. Look for a lot more of both in the next versions of SQL Server.



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